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Wellness holiday in Ischgl at the Zalwonder

Your happiness in our hands

Find total relaxation and place yourself in the magical hands of our spa staff. Here we pamper you with wonderful massages and exclusive treatments to give you maximum relaxation during your wellness holiday at Hotel Zalwonder in Ischgl.

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For perfect time out in Ischgl

To make sure you don’ have to miss out on anything during your wellness holiday in the Ischgl mountains, we recommend that you book your treatment before you arrive!

Our massage menu

Lymphatic drainage

light intensity – 45 minutes

The extremely pleasant and relaxing effect of lymphatic drainage is based on moving the tissue fluids through the lymphatic vessels. This gentle gripping technique boosts the lymph fluid drainage and lymph nodes’ filtering effect.

Foot reflexology massage

medium to high intensity – 45 minutes

The reflex zones on the feet represent the entire body with all its organs and body parts – just like a map. Reflex zones are areas that reflect the internal organs on the surface of the body.

„Mountain Air“ massage

light to medium intensity – 45 minutes

The „Mountain Air“ massage is limited to the head, face, arms and hands. It uses a combination of different massage techniques such as classic massage, connective tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. It calms the mind, gets rid of slight headaches and slows down the nervous system.

„Mountain Sun“ massage

medium to high intensity – 45 minutes

A powerful massage using slightly warmed up massage oil that also reaches the deeper layers of the body. The treatment area is mainly the back of the body (legs and buttocks, back and neck). A final cupping treatment also boosts circulation and speeds up regeneration.

Classic massage

medium intensity – 45 minutes

Classic massage is the best known and most widespread massage technique in the western world. As a classic natural healing method, its field of application ranges from a general relaxing effect to the targeted treatment of many physical complaints.

Sports massage

medium to high intensity – 45 minutes

During the sports massage, classic massage grips as well as complementary grips are used to mobilise the joints. The treatment intensity is somewhat higher than with classic massage.

Intensive back massage

medium to high intensity – 45 minutes

The treatment zone is limited to the buttocks, back and neck. Various techniques from the field of massage and physiotherapy are used to relieve tension and mobility restrictions.

Fifty Fifty massage

medium intensity – 45 minutes

Two clients share an appointment. There is approximately 20 minutes of treatment time per client. You can choose between the “back and neck” or “legs and buttocks” massages. Our massage therapist is available for 45 minutes in total.

Tyrolean mineral oil massage

light to medium intensity – 45 minutes

Flat and gentle massage strokes are mainly used. Combined with the Tyrolean mineral oil, this massage has a predominantly relaxing and calming effect. The treatment area is the back of the body.

„Alpin“ massage

medium intensity – 45 minutes

Fast regeneration for tired athletes’ legs. The Alpine massage consists of a combination of foot and leg massage as well as light mobilisation techniques. The feet, legs and buttocks are treated.

„Detoxing“ massage

light to medium intensity – 45 minutes

This treatment consists of gentle exfoliation using silk gloves and various massage techniques. Besides the relaxation achieved, the purifying and cleansing effect is of great importance.

All massages cost €89 per person and session
Pampering moments forthe body and soul